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June 26, 2005



That's so sweet!

Some Soldier's Mom

oh my GOSH!! you guys just ROCK!! I mean... you could put sunshine in a night sky with the smiles on those faces!!! Bless you all... and bless the children... yes, Lord, please bless everyone who is someone's child... no exceptions.


awesome! love the pictures as always. just imagine the naked boy being your two twin nephews.. apparently they have become quite the nuddists.


No shirt allowed if that little child wants to join the Nuddist Nephew Club. Hey, its nice that your nephews have so much confidence in themselves that they are comfortable with their birthday suits.

MissBirdlegs in AL

Loved the post and especially the pics! Bless your hearts - All of you!

Umy Guy

Great Post!!! That's just awesome. The liberal media just blasts the right so much you'd swear nothing good was going on over there, they're only desire is to make Bush look completely imcompetent, but its good to hear the positives from the war!!!

Check out another website im associated with, I think you'll enjoy.

God Bless!

Scott Ringo

Hey- I wondered if you knew Rick (Ricardo) Crocker who was killed there around the end of May? He was part of our family and wrote like you, but just through email not blog. Keep up the good work and look forward to hearing more.



Sorry, I did not know Ricardo. I am sorry for your loss and want to thank him for his service to our country. The support is much appreciated. shawn


My Parish has been particpating with an Oklahoma National Guard troop in Afghanistan who has "adopted" an Orphanage. I see your and their efforts as part of our Gospel challange to be a blessing to the world, to make life better, even for one child at a time. I am "revising" a Celtic Blessing for you. (BTW I have been and will continue to pray for you)

Shawn, reach out in peace,
and May the Christ Who walks on wounded feet
walk with you on the dusty Iraqi road,
May the Christ Who serves with wounded hands,
stretch out with your hands to serve.
May the Christ Who loves with a wounded heart
open your heart to the wounded in soul
May you see the face of Christ in everyone you meet
and may everyone you meet see the Face of Christ in you.

I know I see Christ in you this day.


I was looking at your photos, and I've got one comment: Who needs WMDs when they have camel spiders. MAN those things are creepy!

rev mommy

Thanks for the story. I found you via Gavin's blog -- you have been added to my daily prayer list. Have a great 4th.


Well, i'm french and i've just read your story!!! and i have only one thing to say: Great job!!!
Iraki people need your help.
Good luck for the US army!

could you tell me if we can write to american soldiers in Irak?
Thanks for all.


I didn't read any think , i just see the children with toys ,
i just want to say they didn't need the toys they need to have a normal country
and what have you done with their country ?, you destroy their country and their history
reppenez vos jou├ęs et partez !!!!


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